You Came to Visit Me…




     I am truly honoured to have you stop by for a visit.  I wish it were in person, then I would put the kettle on to boil and we could sit with two mugs of steaming tea in our hands...maybe a few warm chocolate chip cookies beside us on the table and our children playing happily together on the rug near our feet.  BUT since that is not the case, I hope you can imagine with me as your eyes roam over words on these pages...

     This website,"My Heart at Home", reflects the longing I have to keep my heart focused here with those I love most.  Despite the cultural winds that blow (and they can be hurricane force, can't they?), nothing is more important to me than doing this "job" as wife and mom well.  And not just with moderate effort but to the very best of my ability!  We all know that the rest of the world is going to scream for our time and attention and somehow we each have to discover how to silence those voices so we can hear the sweet sounds of those in our homes.

     My heart has known the joys and pains of motherhood for 17 years now and I wouldn't trade this role for ANYTHING in the world, but some days are hard, aren't they?  And some days are amazing.  And most days are a whirlwind of the two diametric emotions mixing together in a crazy blend that makes up our days as moms.

     I have nothing new to offer you -- Solomon himself told us that in the Old Testament -- there really is NOTHING new under the sun.  BUT IT IS NEW TO US, isn't it?  My greatest desire is that as I pour out honesty and vulnerability on these pages that you will see a glimpse of hope for your beautiful life; not because I have figured it out, I really haven't at all, but because we can journey together and realize that we are all walking the same road.  The noses we wipe all drip, but they are different noses in various bodies with fantastically varied personalities.  And God has promised that He is going to give us EVERYTHING we need when we ask Him, so let's ask together.

     I love you and am praying for your heart to be ecouraged, your arms to be strengthened and your vision to be enlarged.

     God is not done with any of us yet!

     Love to you,